Steven Bergwijn: Jose Mourinho expects Tottenham winger to miss rest of season with ankle injury:

Running on empty. 

There needs to be an investigation into why Spurs get so many long-term injuries. Is there something wrong with our training methods? Mm. 

(via Jose Mourinho Calls Out Tanguy Ndombele For Not Playing At High Level – YouTube)

Of course, Mourinho’s criticism of Ndombele has been the centre of attention and perhaps that is why Mourinho elected to do so. It’s a bit of a gamble for Mourinho as there’s no telling how Ndombele will respond to this. 

That said, Ndombele has been so poor recently, that it’s hard to imagine him playing any worse than he has done so far. Still, digging out a player in public in this manner is considered a hard line most managers will not cross. But this is Mourinho, after all. 

We shall see… 

THST meeting with the Spurs Board: Report:

Interesting reading. Certainly, most of the statements attributed to Chairman Daniel Levy will not go down well with unhappy Spurs fans. 

Realistically, we will not be getting any European football played at our impressive new stadium next season and so everything depends on what Levy does with the squad in the summer. 


After yet another horrendous first half performance, Spurs earned themselves a point at Turf Moor. A game they might have nicked if perhaps either Harry Kane or Son Heung-Min was on the pitch. Can we keep our Champions League campaign alive at Leipzeig? Doubtful. 

Spurs’ £250m growth that outstrips both Liverpool and Man United:

The average Spurs fan is not going to give two hoots about this unless and until this financial growth results in trophies. A single League Cup in over a decade just does not cut it. The real test is the summer – will ENIC invest in the team?

Spurs subjected their fans to cruel and unusual punishment as they crashed out of the FA Cup to effectively end our pathetic season. Not much else to say actually. We never deserved to win that tie and the result was the right one. 


Hopefully, no ENIC and no Levy soon. Well, at least we won’t be relegated! 

Our last hope for this season is a long run in the FA Cup and fingers crossed, maybe finally a trophy for our troubles. 

BUT in our current form, highly unlikely. On paper, we should win this – playing at home to a team in a relegation dog-fight but then again we were hot favourites for honours this season, considering our Champions League exploits in the previous one. 

Mourinho seems helpless to motivate this bunch of useless players currently available. International-class players most of them but unable to get the basics rights with low confidence and a losing mentality to boot. If we lose this tie, pandemonium will ensue amongst Spurs fans. Must win. 


All doom and gloom for Spurs fans as the season goes off the rails completely. Since Son Heung-Min joined Harry Kane and Moussa Sissoko on the long-term injury list, Spurs have lost three in a row (2 at home). Spurs are in full-blown crisis mode now!

Yet, one could argue that it wasn’t the lack of goals that was the issue this time but the failure to stop Wolves from scoring. Steven Bergwijn and Serge Aurier took their chances to give Spurs a slender lead at half time but most Spurs fans would have been pessimistic about maintaining that advantage to the end of the game. 

Mourinho got his selection wrong. Why in the world would he put the shambolic lumbering Eric Dier in the heart of the defence? The fact that Hugo Lloris was out did not help the situation either as there wasn’t a single leader in that defence yesterday. Why was Alderweireld left on the bench? Is that Mourinho’s recognition that both Toby and Jan Vertonghen are over the hill? If so, Spurs are in deep shit cuz Dier is definitely NOT the answer and Sanchez and Tanganga are not able to carry the can all by themselves. 

Mourinho criticised the players’ lack of killer instinct but let’s face facts, we effectively had the spine of our team ripped out – include Erik Lamela in that equation – AND the continued dip in form for the over-thinking Dele Alli, so what do you expect?

The season is OVER. At most, perhaps an extended FA Cup run is all we can hope for. The sooner we accept that the easier it will be. Now the only question now is when can we get Kane, Son etc back???


No goals since Sonny joined Harry Kane on the long-term injury list. Where do the goals come from? Will home advantage be enough for three points? It better be or this season’s prospects will soon be non-existent! 

The crucial compromise in Daniel Levy and Jose Mourinho’s relationship:

This season is a transitional one. The moment Poch was sacked and Jose came on board, it was all about making the best of the situation. 

The long-term injuries to Kane and Son have of course made things tougher so at the moment, while top 4 and the FA Cup remain viable, I would not be surprised if we ended up neither at the end of the season. 

The time to judge whether Levy and Mourinho can make Spurs tick once again is next season and the following one. No quick fixes.