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The crucial compromise in Daniel Levy and Jose Mourinho’s relationship:

This season is a transitional one. The moment Poch was sacked and Jose came on board, it was all about making the best of the situation. 

The long-term injuries to Kane and Son have of course made things tougher so at the moment, while top 4 and the FA Cup remain viable, I would not be surprised if we ended up neither at the end of the season. 

The time to judge whether Levy and Mourinho can make Spurs tick once again is next season and the following one. No quick fixes. 









TFB Premier League Log Prediction 2019/20

1. Man City

2. Liverpool

3. Tottenham

4. Arsenal

5. Everton

6. Chelsea

7. Man United

8. Leicester

9. Wolves

10. Watford

11. Bournemouth

12. West Ham

13. Aston Villa

14. Crystal Palace

15. Southampton

16. Burnley

17. Norwich City

18. Brighton & Hove

19. Newcastle United

20. Sheffield United