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TFB Premier League Log Prediction 2019/20

1. Man City

2. Liverpool

3. Tottenham

4. Arsenal

5. Everton

6. Chelsea

7. Man United

8. Leicester

9. Wolves

10. Watford

11. Bournemouth

12. West Ham

13. Aston Villa

14. Crystal Palace

15. Southampton

16. Burnley

17. Norwich City

18. Brighton & Hove

19. Newcastle United

20. Sheffield United







The Premier League Golden Boot race finished in a three way tie, shared between Sadio Mané; Mohamed Salah and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with 22 goals each. The most notable thing about this achievement is that all the winners of the award are African, a great achievement for a continent that does not have much economic strength and is considered a sleeping giant in the world of football. So while it is important to look at the fantastic achievement of the three and what a great win it is for Africa, the question to ask is “Who Is The Better Attacker?”

Many would say Salah, as this is the second year running the Egyptian winger has won the award. Some may argue that Mané is the more complete of the two Liverpool wingers, but stats say otherwise. Salah creates more opportunities and has registered more assists, they share very similar stats regarding key passes; dribbles completed and both have an above passing rate. Aubameyang, however, is an out and out striker, often rotating with his Arsenal team Lacazette or pushing out wide to accommodate his team mate. Meaning he’ll lack in the creative and technical stats. But for the sake of the stats based upon each player’s attacking game, Salah is by far the most all round and best player. He is accused of not being a complete attacker, but as said, the stats say otherwise. The stats will tell you that Mané is the more one dimensional attacker. We will drop Aubameyang’s wonders in Germany for the sake of this argument, but he is most probably the best striker in the Prem this year, but not the best attacker. So to back it up and confirm that Salah is the best attacker of Golden Boot winners, here is a look at the stats:

SALAH (Liverpool and Egypt)

  • Assists: 8*
  • Shots/90: 3.6*
  • Key passes/90: 1.8*
  • Dribbles comp./90: 2.1*
  • Dispossessed/90: 3.1
  • Pass success: 75.9%
  • Bad touches/90: 2.9

MANÉ (Liverpool and Mali)

  • Assists: 1
  • Shots/90: 2.4
  • Key passes/90: 1.3
  • Dribbles comp./90: 1.4
  • Dispossessed/90: 1.3*
  • Pass success: 78.2%*
  • Bad touches/90: 2.9

AUBAMEYANG (Arsenal and Gabon)

  • Assists: 5
  • Shots/90: 2.6
  • Key passes/90: 0.9
  • Dribbles comp./90: 0.8
  • Dispossessed/90: 0.9*
  • Pass success: 74%
  • Bad touches/90: 1.7*

Stats to date with the 2018/19 Premier League season gathered from 


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