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Well, nobody was seriously expecting any miracles this time round, without the injured personnel but the manner of the defeat still stung.

Some takeaways from the game – 

1. Serge Aurier has to be replaced once and for all. He is a liability. 

2. Playing without a recognised striker just does not work. The price of not having a solid back-up (or two) for Harry Kane is too obvious that surely Daniel Levy cannot be excused from blame anymore. 

3. Tanganga is definitely one for the future. Loads of potential. We need to build our defence around him ultimately. 

4. Individual errors continue to haunt us. Lloris and Aurier at fault for the goals conceded and that defence requires a massive overhaul. 

5. Lo Celso probably needs to be pushed further forward where he can do hurt defences. ideally, Ndombele should be in central midfield dictating play but the fact that Mourinho did not play him at all does not bode well. 

Well, I have been saying the season was over the moment Sonny was ruled out for the rest of the season and it was just taken a couple of weeks to be confirmed. Technically, we are still in the race for the Top 4 but realistically, I cannot even see us winning another game this season. Onwards to 2020-2021.


Mission impossible? A goal down from the 1st leg and even more players unavailable (add Ben Davies and Steven Bergwijn to the list!), it’s difficult to imagine anything but an exit from the Champions League tonight. 

After yet another horrendous first half performance, Spurs earned themselves a point at Turf Moor. A game they might have nicked if perhaps either Harry Kane or Son Heung-Min was on the pitch. Can we keep our Champions League campaign alive at Leipzeig? Doubtful. 

All doom and gloom for Spurs fans as the season goes off the rails completely. Since Son Heung-Min joined Harry Kane and Moussa Sissoko on the long-term injury list, Spurs have lost three in a row (2 at home). Spurs are in full-blown crisis mode now!

Yet, one could argue that it wasn’t the lack of goals that was the issue this time but the failure to stop Wolves from scoring. Steven Bergwijn and Serge Aurier took their chances to give Spurs a slender lead at half time but most Spurs fans would have been pessimistic about maintaining that advantage to the end of the game. 

Mourinho got his selection wrong. Why in the world would he put the shambolic lumbering Eric Dier in the heart of the defence? The fact that Hugo Lloris was out did not help the situation either as there wasn’t a single leader in that defence yesterday. Why was Alderweireld left on the bench? Is that Mourinho’s recognition that both Toby and Jan Vertonghen are over the hill? If so, Spurs are in deep shit cuz Dier is definitely NOT the answer and Sanchez and Tanganga are not able to carry the can all by themselves. 

Mourinho criticised the players’ lack of killer instinct but let’s face facts, we effectively had the spine of our team ripped out – include Erik Lamela in that equation – AND the continued dip in form for the over-thinking Dele Alli, so what do you expect?

The season is OVER. At most, perhaps an extended FA Cup run is all we can hope for. The sooner we accept that the easier it will be. Now the only question now is when can we get Kane, Son etc back???


Is Spurs’s season over in the absence of the talismanic presence of Harry Kane and/or Son Heung-Min, the departure of Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli’s critical loss of form? 

It sure feels that way. Spurs looked out of sorts the entire game against top 4 challengers Chelsea and while Stamford Bridge has never been the best place for us to visit even in the best of times, there was something rotten in that turgid performance that rang alarm bells. 

There was no spirit and no ability in any of the players to affect the game in any meaningful way. Chelsea had an easy game by all accounts, as Spurs players simply watched the opposition pass the ball around unhindered. Quite disgraceful actually to see players give up in their heads for the duration of a game. At most, maybe there were two or three decent moves from Spurs throughout the game but they were rare indeed. 

Chelsea were in fact, crap and any decent team should be able to put them to the sword. Which tells you a lot about where Spurs are at, in this present time. We made these crappy players look like Barca. Fact that we even managed a underserved consolation via an own goal tells you how bad Chelsea are. But they still beat us comfortably. And that stings. 

I cannot see us winning another game or scoring another goal this season, that was how dire this performance was. Totally deflating. But fact is, this has been the new normal for Spurs this season. Ponderous, turgid, pathetic performances are par for the course. Mid-table mediocrity beckons. Blame falls square on Daniel Levy for doing nothing to secure a back-up for Kane in the last two transfer windows. Levy has destroyed our season. Sigh. 


Battle for fourth resumes between Chelsea and Spurs today. 

Will be difficult for Spurs as our poor record at Stamford Bridge will be a stumbling block. Perhaps this will be balanced somewhat by Chelsea’s own stuttering home form in recent weeks. 

The real issue will be goals as Kane and Sonny remain unavailable and Spurs will look again to Moura and Bergwijn to supply them with Alli, Ndombele and Lo Celso, the providers. 

With injury curtailing the options, the team virtually selects itself.

Possible line-up : Lloris, Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Tanganga, Ndombele, Gedson, Lo Celso, Alli, Bergwijn, Moura. 

At a minimum, we cannot afford to lose this game but winning would be sweet.


Let’s be honest here. Spurs were second best throughout and this time did not have a Son or a Kane to lift the team. 

Of course, it’s only a goal deficit and the tie is not over. However, it would require a miracle similar to that conjured up in Amsterdam last season in order for Spurs to progress to the quarter-finals. 

What was worrying was the sight of Dele Alli, angry and sulking after being substituted for a subdued performance. Where was the fight Mourinho talked about in the press conference?

Realistically, Spurs are more or less out and will have nothing to lose in Leipzig except pride. What solutions are available to Mourinho in the interim period with crucial Premier League and FA Cup matches ahead.

It really boils down to negligence on the part of Daniel Levy as I have said before. His failure to buy strikers in January will definitely cost us dearly in the final analysis. Poor job. 

Do Spurs fans still believe in miracles? We shall see!


Fans can’t believe Harry Maguire escaped a red card for kicking Michy Batshuayi:

Still want to argue that the Premier League is not prejudiced against Spurs? Sonny was sent off for the exact same thing! 

Bloody HELL!!!


Winning is everything! An ugly, even lucky, performance is relevant as long as the match finishes with three points for Spurs, however it is achieved. 

Increasingly, this is slowly becoming the Spurs way under Mourinho. For the first 15 minutes of this game, Spurs were barely in it as Villa were allowed to stroke the ball around like they were Barcelona. Spurs even gifted the home team with an opening goal courtesy of a mix-up between Alderweireld and Lloris, two seasoned international professionals. 


However, despite this wake up call, Spurs proceeded to waste a host of chances – the main culprits being Dele Alli and Son Heung-Min – but managed to get their noses in front with Alderwiereld making amends with a sumptous half-volley and Son following up decisively after Pepe Reina saved his pathetic penalty attempt. 


The 2nd half witnessed more sloppy finishing and defending as Villa equalised from a basic corner kick as Dele, Bergwijn and Son continued to spurn gild-edged chances with Reina living a charmed life in the Villa goal. 


Deep into stoppage time, it certainly looked like Spurs would squander two precious points and the chance to close the gap to 4th place. Then, Villa defender Engels misjudged a Sanchez clearance, allowing Son to race clear to slot past Reina for an unlikely last-minute winner! 



There was a moment just before Spurs’ winner where loud boos reverberated around the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as it appeared that bottom club Norwich were gaining the ascendancy in this game. 

Luckily for Spurs, in the next attacking move, Dele Alli’s shot was deflected and looped over Norwich keeper Tim Krul gifting Son Heung-Min with an open goal, which he did not spurn. 

Spurs hung on for the remaining 10 minutes to take three precious points but it was far from convincing. Spurs had ended the first half ahead with a typical Alli goal, their first Premier League goal in four games (!) and looked comfortable in the lead. 

But that confidence vanished in the 2nd half when Norwich took the game to Spurs and suddenly, Spurs looked lost at sea. The hapless Ryan Sessegnon conceded a penalty which Teemu Pukki converted and Spurs looked to be on the ropes till luck turned their way. 

Clear and obvious that with the injuries to Harry Kane, Moussa Sissoko, Ben Davies and the whole Christian Eriksen transfer saga, this Spurs squad is in a very bad place. Daniel Levy is to blame, having neglected squad development in last couple of transfer windows. 

That all said, apart from Liverpool, the rest of the Premier League clubs have been so inconsistent that Spurs are still only six points away from the top 4, even though we are clearly having a poor transitional season.