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are you gay?

what an odd and random question, but no, no i am not.

Thoughts on England Cameroon game?

Cameroon lost their heads. No idea what was going on to be honest

Hi! Did Chelsea participate in that photoshoot too? The pics are so cool! I was wondering if there was any of Chelsea's players

No, which seems strange as all the other teams in the two finals did.

Thank you so much for including photos of the women’s team!! As a female follower and lover of football I love that the women’s game is growing more popular.

You’re welcome. I’m so glad to see the women’s game is growing and I cannot wait till the Womens World Cup starting soon.

football-passion posted another rant again

if only anyone understood what they are saying?

It's great to see you back

thank you!

Hello! i've always wanted to ask the following: what's your criteria to pick the pictures you post? availability? your own personal liking? depending on importance of the events taking place? it's just i always see pics of rm and barca OR pictures of random players from not so known teams so i wonder what makes you choose the photos you upload 😱

personal liking, importance, those are the main two, i’m a sucker for any good photography type of shots, but i try to post a real variety, but naturally the more popular teams and players will have more photos.

whats happening with you, why aren't you active like you used to be what the actual fuck?

my wifi has finally been installed in my new house, i am back now! but also you dont need to be so rude…

tumblr destroying many blogs… is it okay if you keep uploading pics?

i think many of the blogs being shut down are celeb blogs with paparazzi pics etc, so i should be okay

Can you not post photos together? They are always low quality

they are exactly the same quality if they are in a photoset compared to on their own….. make sure you are viewing them full quality too, sometimes the thumbnails look bad