As the transfer window winds down, closing Thu…

As the transfer window winds down, closing Thursday at 5pm (UK time) – a mere 32 hours away, the media have ‘reported’ that BOTH Dybala and Coutinho are on their way to Spurs. 

So what happened to the deals for Fernandes and Lo Celso, which were locked on before? Certainly, there is no way that Spurs would bring in all four, right? Perhaps two out of four. 

Personally, I would go for Coutinho because he is a proven Premier League star. The other three have not played in the Premier League so somewhat a gamble. Though realistically speaking, would be perfectly happy with Lo Celso and Fernandes. 

Whatever happens, the club simply must bring in at least 2 more top midfielders, especially with Eriksen certain to depart. See you on the other side!

AND a top right back would be great as well!!!